Community of Owners

Industrial Maintenance Community of Owners Store Maintenance

Community of owners services:

· Electricity
· Plumbing and sanitation
· Glassware
· Locksmith
· Paint
· Masonry
· Gardening
· Maintenance of swimming pools
· Cleaning


To keep our community and our home in top condition always represent a savings in the short, medium and long term, that is why we offer different modalities.

Community of owners maintenance

The maintenance on these buildings assumes a constant vigilance. The inspection techniques of buildings (ITE), the expert reports of damage or certificates of energy efficiency, are the most common contributing useful information to improve these properties, and the certificates of energy efficiency are very important in the present day due to the awareness of the duty of saving energy.

We detect the problem and we came up with constructive solutions commensurate with a reasonable cost, and to maintain the good health of this type of buildings.

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