Architecture Engineering Interior Design Management of Administrative Procedures Management and Control of Works

Focused to:

· New construction
· Rehabilitation and interior design
· Pharma-Health


We work with motivation and ingenuity and able to are unable to resolve the specific situation and necessary for our proyects.

Engineering Projects

In this process requires the completion of a preliminary examination and search of a solution in accordance with the regulations in force. After this first step is developing the project for the correct installation of the systems. From there is carried out the execution of the installation and checking of the proper functioning of all installed items.

We do installations of new work for all types of buildings: homes, shops, industries, hotels, schools, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

Our Services

We cover the whole process of construction or renovation, offering facilities in different areas:

  • Electricity and telecommunications: electrical installations and telecommunications for  all types of buildings, from the realization of the project, through implementation to commissioning and legalization.
  • Plumbing and gas: installation of all types of pipes of different materials: polyethylene, copper and stainless steel.
  • Air conditioning and heating: completion of a detailed study of the buildings to be heated, casting installations with centralized systems or individual.
  • Renewable energies.
  • Fire protection systems: systems of fire detection and extinction of fire for all kinds of  public spaces.

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