Interior Design

Architecture Engineering Interior Design Management of Administrative Procedures Management and Control of Works

Focused to:

· New construction
· Rehabilitation and interior design
· Pharma-Health


We assume from the design of the new distribution, taking into account their needs, until the election of the last decorative detail.

Our vision

To make the reform of housing must take into account the needs, that is to say, if what you want is the relocation of any stay or a space better distributed, the change in the step of facilities… as well as the final style that you wish to achieve.

Advise and collaborate in the search of materials, and we offer supervision in the replantes and the whole process of work, to get the style to the desired end.


All of the above is accomplished by performing the following steps:

  • Data collection.
  • Realization and presentation of different options.
  • Review of the proposal and completion of the final project.
  • Delivery of technical documentation and descriptive.
  • 3d images of the final result.

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