Management and Control of Works

Architecture Engineering Interior Design Management of Administrative Procedures Management and Control of Works

Focused to:

· New construction
· Rehabilitation and interior design
· Pharma-Health


Address disciplined and perseverance of the work.

Work Direction

In addition to the completion of the initial project, the works, in their construction need to a direction of the work in accordance with current regulations, requiring also a health and safety study to reinforce the commitment of the workers with safety in such works.

In addition to the constructions require a high level of demand at the time of controlling the cost, performance and quality to achieve the satisfaction of the users.

Therefore it is guaranteed with the direction and control of works a follow-up on project processes and work up to the final delivery, in pursuit of the fulfillment of quality, time and price initial, in addition to manage permissions and licenses to legalize such processes work.

Technical functions

Technical functions:

  • Interpretation and adaptation of the project to the need of work.
  • Coordination between the different sub-contractors.
  • Preparation of details and steps of work.
  • Preparation, review and approval of construction plans.
  • Review and approval of redefinitions
  • Control the execution of the work
  • Implementation and review of the final plans of work
  • Preparation and reception of the work

Other functions:

  • Control of measurements
  • Arrangements for obtaining licenses

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