New Construction

New Construction Rehabilitation and Interior Design Pharma-Health Clean Rooms Pharma-Health Infrastructure

New construction services:


· Industrial buildings
· Pharmaceutical laboratories
· Graphic arts rotary
· Audio-visual
· Accommodation
· Industrial Offices


· Single-Family Homes
· Community housing sport Tracks
· Swimming pools
· Recreation areas


· Developments
· Works linear pipe
· Pipes
· Electrical Substations
· Energy Sectors
· Bunkers – Cyclotron
· Parking

Retail – Shopping Centres

· Catering
· Shops
· Leisure
· Services
· Clinical
· Gym – Spa


We care about the quality and warranty of our work, offering our customers a global service and custom.

Continued support throughout the construction phase

Construction of buildings and spaces created to encourage the development of different activities taking into account the criteria of existing building, urban planning, territorial and environmental.

The services that we offer, ranging from the execution of the work up to the handing over of the keys in hand, or intervening in a particular phase of the project, always adapting to the needs of the client.

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