Pharma-Health Infrastructure

New Construction Rehabilitation and Interior Design Pharma-Health Clean Rooms Pharma-Health Infrastructure

Pharma-health infrastructure services:

· Particle accelerator

Linear Accelerators
Circular Accelerators

· Cyclotrons
· Rooms Pet – Ct
· Halls of X-Rays


The Professional Services sector is large and is a great challenge that part of the great heterogeneity of their activities, their complexity and the dynamics of the sector.

Pharma-Health new construction

PROYECTOS, OBRAS Y MANTENIMIENTOS GESPROM, S.L we Build bunkers in underground or surface, both in new construction as well as for centers already operating, not interfering with the normal activity of work. We rooms synthesis and dispensing with the thorough inspection of the entire construction process.

In these activities is where you have to give a special importance to the shielding of the room in front of the radiation, as well as the protection of the professionals, and users exposed in these facilities.

We create rooms for the use of the devices of x-rays (radiology), along with their mandatory isolation areas radiological or emplomados, for all conventional equipment, mammography and ct computerized scanners.

We develop your project for the implementation and conditioning of rooms that require a remodeling specific to make them more functional, clinical, dental, physiotherapy, medical, and veterinary.

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