Rehabilitation and Interior Design

New Construction Rehabilitation and Interior Design Pharma-Health Clean Rooms Pharma-Health Infrastructure

Services rehabilitation and interior design:


· Acond. industrial buildings
· Laboratories, clean rooms, pharmacy and health
· Acond. benches-rotating and printing
· Acond. acoustic audio-visual
· Catering
· Offices


· Promoting real estate buildings and rental
· Housing and parking garage
· Reform of edif. unique historical and protected
· Outfitting of accessibility and elevators


· Urbanization and rush
· Rep. sanitation and pocería
· Demolitions and demolitions
· Desamianto
· Movements of land
· Conditioning C.T.

Retail – Shopping Centers

· Catering
· Shops
· Leisure
· Services
· Clinical
· Gym – Spa


We take care of planning and executing the rehabilitation either by seniority or for transformations of both interior and exterior.

Improving customer experience

We offer a solution to any issue relating to the rehabilitation of the buildings, ensuring the compatibility and durability in the execution of the work carried out. To do this we constantly update techniques and materials that leave the mercedo, looking for the balance and improvement between traditional techniques and innovative. We also offer supervision in this type of jobs and we offer advice on the construction techniques used to achieve the most suitable solution.

In the interior design refers to offer the realization of spaces intended for the well-being of the users, adapting the design and streamlining the buildings both internally and externally.

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